The Georgia Library Association, Georgia Association for Instructional Technology, and Southeastern Library Association invite proposals for panels, workshops, and meetings for the 2016 Georgia COMO/SELA Joint conference.

This year, the conference will be held at the Classic Center in Athens, GA on October 5-7, 2016.

Our theme is Reinvent, Re-imagine, Rediscover Libraries!

All presenters/panelists must register and pay for the conference at the published rates. If the presenter/panelist will only be at the conference for the day of the presentation, a one-day registration rate is available.

Pre-conference sessions will be scheduled between 9 AM and 4 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Conference sessions, demonstrations/vendor updates, poster presentations, and meetings will be scheduled at various times during the conference days of Wednesday, October 5th through Friday, October 7th.

Changes will not be made to schedules once proposals are selected and the program is set.

The proposal deadline is May 30, 2016. The decisions of the Programming Committee will be communicated via email to the primary proposer by June 30th.

All decisions of the Programming Committee are final. Any changes to presenter(s) or programs must be made within one week of proposal approval.

If you have any questions regarding presentation proposals, please contact Jean Cook at  For more information regarding registration, please contact the Classic Center Registration office at (706) 357-4419.

Poster Session Guidelines:

Poster sessions provide an informal forum to report innovative projects, introduce new services and resources, or test research ideas of interest to librarianship. Posters may include narratives, tables, graphs, and handouts. They must be in print format; electronic formats (laptops, iPads, etc.) can be used to supplement the print poster. An articulate, expressive poster will contain only the crucial points of the research. Traditional elements include:

  • Introduction – objectives, context and hypotheses, or predictions
  • Methods – subjects, study site, and protocol
  • Results – including graphs, display of electronic content, etc.
  • Discussion and conclusions – significance of the findings
  • Acknowledgements and references

For more hints and tips concerning almost anything you want to know about creating poster sessions, you may visit Colin Purrington’s website:…

Creating/mounting your COMO poster Dimensions for your poster should not exceed 3 feet wide X 5 feet high. Posters should be a balance between informative and artistic, and they should strive to highlight pertinent information while keeping in mind the logistics of attendees effectively reading and understanding the topic presented. The presenter’s name and institution should also be available on the poster.

Presenters are responsible for:

  • Actual poster and visual materials which comprise the presentation
  • Printing of any handouts
  • Sign-up sheet and/or business cards to record interest or follow-up for the presentation
  • Laptop and power cords, if applicable

Requests and/or inquires for additional information should be directed to Ruth Baker at

Conference host is responsible for:

  • Backing for the 3’ wide x 5’ high poster
  • Materials for securing the posters to the 3’ wide x 5’ high backing
  • Table for handouts and other supplementary materials

Other Important Guidelines:

EQUIPMENT: GaCOMO does not provide laptops. Projectors will be available in each presentation room.

INTERNET: There is wireless Internet throughout the convention center, the strength and availability of the signal will vary, and access is not guaranteed. You should consider bringing all materials needed for your program in multiple formats and saved to multiple devices.

PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION FEES: All presenters who are engaged in, preparing for, or retired from the media/library/education professions in Georgia are required to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee.

PRE-CONFERENCE SESSIONS: Any approved pre-conference session must cover all associated costs. GaCOMO bears no responsibility for charges incurred by any pre-conference session. If pre-conference sessions require additional funds, please detail in the space provided below and, if the pre-conference is selected, it can be included on the registration form.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: GaCOMO does not make travel arrangements for speakers and presenters. Presenters and/or the proposers are responsible for making these arrangements. All presenters and panelists are expected to pay for conference registration; at least one day registration is required.